Sunday, 23 June 2013

A bit of this and that

Hope You all are ok-Warm and cozy ,its not summery in my part at all,dark and wet and windy :-(
Went for a walk this morning and it was nice,but when got back home -oh dear silly old rain and wind back to naughtiness
I've been busy making some things. On Saturday little man who's 1year old went to a birthday party. Party was for 2 girls (2 and 4 ) so there was a lot of kids.But my little man was only interested chasing balloons lol
So as a present for girls I made two dolls
These 2 are made using Tildas doll pattern . Hair and clothes are different than Tildas ones,but I am bad at following patterns I always need to do something different :-)
And two little girls liked them - so that's all that matters

In evening ,to calm my self down ( after all the party buzz ) i did some crochet.
Made some coasters witch are available to buy. I've sold quite few sets and getting requests in for more. I love the selling part-sometimes . Sometimes I like the things I made so much that i can't let go  Never mind I need to grow up lol and get on with it-People like it, I shall make it and I shall sell it 

Made from Rowan All Seasons cotton, these coasters are great addition to  dinning table or kitchen
I love them , they have soft feel to them, but not too soft . Measures 5" diameter
I know there is a lot of coaster makers and sellers out there,but what can I do I like them But I can't keep all of them,and they are just another addition to my selling Items
Here is a link where the pattern comes from, i use it as a base, but i do like changing things and make it bit more me. Other set I'm working on has Me in it ,will see how it will come out in the end .

                                         I better go back to my hook now, before it gets too late .
                            Here is a photo to remember the sunny days - hope sun comes back soon
                                      My flowers need some sun-they don't look happy
                                           That is all for now,hope to see you soon back here


  1. Those dolls are lovely, you're so clever! Can't believe your little boy is one already! XX

    1. Hi Suzanne. Thanks. Yeah Oliver is growing fast and is really full time job :-) not like girls :-)

  2. Loving the dolls - could you make one as an angel? in white or maybe a little pink with wings... the reason my friend loves Angels and I think that your pattern would be something a little different. If you can email or text me the price and maybe you have yourself a 'Sale' X